Monday, September 17, 2012

Day of Eating Awesomeness

This weekend I decided to leave the castle of Mommy-dom and have a girl’s weekend with my friend Ann in Dallas.  Everyone needs an Ann and let me tell you why. 

We decided that we would eat at a place for lunch in which our husbands would never set foot.  That place was Kalachandji’s, an Indian vegetarian restaurant set in a Hindu temple.  When we set out at 10:30 and realized that the restaurant didn’t open until noon, she concurred when I suggested that the most reasonable thing to do would be to go and eat pie before lunch.   When we got to Emporium and were staring at the extensive selection of pies trying to choose one to split, she thought and I agreed that the best course of action would be to just get two pieces, as to not be pie bigots.  As we were eating our insanely delicious pie, we were suddenly very aware of our gluttony.  Lesser friends might have made a pact to go jogging in the morning or to eat only carrot sticks and celery tomorrow, but that’s not how we roll.  What we did instead was to create a whole new holiday and we called it “Day of Eating Awesomeness”.

Day of Eating Awesomeness progressed with a delicious vegetarian meal full of fragrant spices at Kalachandji’s surrounded by the beauty of the temple.  The waitress came to tell us about the desserts and we looked at each other and said, “It is a holiday” and ordered both.  If you’re counting that brings our dessert total up to 4, but it is a fact that calories consumed in a holy place don’t count.  The calories are too enlightened to settle on such a humble a place as my inner thigh.

We took a brief break from eating to visit the Arboretum but Ann’s 9-month old daughter was not too entertained by botanicals and Chihuly exhibits and subtly let us know as much by screaming.

We then asked ourselves, what would the founders of this great holiday do next and then we remembered that we were the founders and we do what we want.  What I wanted was a 50-cent hot dog from Ikea.  Now you may be saying, “but I’m a vegetarian.  Can I still celebrate Day of Eating Awesomeness?”  Do not despair, my friends.  The Day of Eating Awesomeness is for people of every race, gender, and dietary orientation.  A slice of pizza or a cinnamon roll is equally acceptable.  Ann is a vegetarian and went with pizza.

Now we were ready for the grand finale of the “Day of Eating Awesomeness” and we settled on a place called Whiskey Cake.  We ordered fried green tomatoes for an appetizer, I had salmon and Ann had a Portobello mushroom stack.  The waiter asked if we would like to try their namesake Whiskey cake for dessert and you know we said yes because if there is anything better than cake, it is booze and cake.

All in all, it was a most awesome day.  So go ahead, moms, and give yourself a break.  Leave dad in charge, grab your friend, eat some pie, and create a holiday of your own.  If you can’t think of one, I hope you will join us next year for Day of Eating Awesomeness 2013.


  1. Love it! Calories don't count on vacation either so you're safe.

  2. Love this! Can't wait for your updates!

  3. As I sit beside my food bowl patiently, I offer a blessing for your new holiday. And I pray that it extends to your canine children.

  4. I definitely think everyone needs a day of eating awesomeness :)