Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hudson and I have a tradition that once a week, after I pick him up from school we stop at Starbucks and he gets a chocolate chip cookie and chocolate milk and I get coffee.  It is a time for us to chat and catch up on things.  It was on one of these outings that he told me about his career aspirations.

“I want to be a hospital person that helps sick people when I grow up.”
“Like daddy?”
“Yes, but I want to drive the ambulance too.  But what hospital would I work at?”
“You could work wherever you want.”
“I want to work at the same hospital as daddy because I’ll want to see him when I’m bigger.”

I think my heart literally melted.  Not only did he want to be just like his dad, he wanted to make sure that he got to spend time with him as well.  I was proud of my husband for being the kind of father that his son, at the age of four, already sees him as a role model.  Now if this story ended right here, it would be really sweet, right?

Things got quiet for a few minutes and I knew he was thinking about something.
“Do policemen wear hats?”
“I want to be a policeman.”

From this I learned two things.  First, life is a few sweet moments surrounded by a whole lot of weirdness.  Embrace the weirdness.  It makes life interesting.  I love the tender moments, the hugs, the I love yous, but in the end it is these moments of absurd that make this life uniquely mine.  Second, I now realize that my son is going to do, what he wants to do.  All we can do as his parents is be good role models for how to be a good person and lead a happy life.  And while I do that, I’ll wear a cool hat.

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