Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Baby is Smarter Than Your Baby

Isn’t it funny how when moms of young children get together we always end up playing this game of “Look at how my baby is way ahead of his or her developmental milestones and doesn’t that mean he/she will be the next Stephen Hawking”?  Well, I am here to urge you, fellow mothers, that we stop this malicious practice because my baby is obviously so much smarter than your baby.

Yesterday Kenzie had a fever.  She spent the afternoon sleeping on my chest while I watched CNN.  When I got up to make dinner, I laid her on the couch and left the T.V. on the news because I think it’s important that she become an informed reader of political Facebook posts.

She started pointing out things on the screen and naming them when she recognized them.
“Kenzie, did you see a house?!”
I think this is the smartest thing she’s ever done.  The fact that she was watching world news coverage somehow makes her seem like a genius and totally makes up for the time that she ate a foam dinosaur.

So go ahead.  Tell me about how many words your baby knows after using “Your Baby Can Read”.  My baby can name stuff…while watching the news.  Game. Over.

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