Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Friday: Vacation Pics

Guest Post from Ann

Since I'm on vacation in Amsterdam, I've got a super-short Photo Friday post for you.
Tip No. 1: Try to get people in your vacation photos.  Sure, photos of buildings and monuments are great, but I find that the ones I look at again and again almost always have people I love in them.  And a lot of times it's when they aren't posing, especially with kids, who often have a strange idea of how they should look when you take their picture (that grimace-smile thing).  Hang in there and keep shooting until they forget about you.  I mean that in the "they forget that the camera's on them" rather than the "oops, we left Ann in the art museum" sense.
Tip No. 2:  Pack extra batteries and memory cards.  Bring your charger.  If you're in Amsterdam, be sure not to stop and get run over by someone bicycling and texting at the same time.  Yes, that's a thing.

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