Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Friday: The window's your best friend

Guest Post from Ann

My daughter says, "Grandma, send help, my parents are fools." Indeed.  Fools who take her picture with no flash near a window.

I love taking photos.  There's nothing like having your wedding or family portrait shot by a professional, but, let's face it, that person is probably not going to be at your house when your baby smears sweet potato puree all over her face or greets you with a gummy smile first thing in the morning.    And, really, if there is a professional photographer there, you probably would have to change out of your monkey pajamas, clean the sweet potato off your shirt and actually brush your hair.  Or maybe that's just me.  Also, what the hell is this person doing at your house at 6 a.m.?  You might want to consider an alarm system or a Rottweiler.

Anyhow, I asked Sabine if I could do a photo post each week to help share what I've learned during a couple of years as a photography enthusiast or just share photos that I'm really excited about.  My first tip for photographing your kid is to plop them in front of a window (I tend to like them with their heads facing the light or at a right angle, but it's fun to play around with, depending on what they're doing), turn your flash off and let them be their charming little selves.  When they get tired of just sitting there, have favorite objects on hand.  Because, come on, you also want to remember just how intensely they loved chewing the edge of your living room rug or carrying around that favorite spoon.  Or maybe that's just my baby.

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