Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Droppin' Some Beats

If a days’ worth of car rides were compiled into an album, this is what it might sound like:

Track 1:  I have to pee.


Track 3:    Get your feet off the seat.
            Get your feet off the seat.
            Get your feet off the seat.
            Get your feet off the seat.
            Get. Your. Feet. Off. The. Seat.
            FEET!  OFF!

Track 4:     Is this car really old?
             How old does it have to be to be really old?
             I don’t know.
             It’s two years old.
             So is it really new or old?

Track 5:  This one is just 2 minutes of silence while I try to wrap my head around track 4.

Track 6:  The Birds are Falling from the Sky like Leaves-written and performed by Hudson Brown.  I initially thought this was a sad ballad, but after he told me this, he laughed and then said, “silly birds”.

Track 7:  No, I not.  Yes, you are.  No, I not.  Yes, you are.

Track 8:  Yes. No. Yes! No!  YES! NOOOOOO!

Track 9:  Aerosmith  “Train Kept A-Rollin’” because this what was playing when I turned on the radio to drown out Track 8.

Track 10:  Winkle, Winkle, Wittle Star…Wonder….Are - performed by Kenzie Brown

Track 11:  WhooooOOOOOP…..whooooOOOOP - performed by Hudson Brown

Track 12:  Yes. No. Yes. No. (Remix)

Track 13:  I have to pee (Dance version)

If you like this one, my sophomore album, “The Sounds of Me Trying to Make Dinner”, including hits such as “If You Want the Bow in your Hair, Stop Pulling the Bow out of Your Hair”, will be dropping next summer.

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