Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Coming True

The other night, my wonderful in-laws watched the kids so we could regain our sanity.  We went to Red Lobster, which is oh so romantic, but sometimes, you just need some crab legs and some cheddar biscuits.  While we were waiting on our table we noticed, while peering over the edge of our iPhones, another couple, not speaking, both on their iPhones. It was a totally different situation from ours though.  It was imperative that Eric check on Oktoberfest tickets right then and there and that I look at Facebook pictures of what other people had for dinner while I’m sure the other couple were on their phones because they just didn’t love each other any more and had nothing left to talk about.

On the way home it was even more noticeable how many people are on their phones because in the dark you could see the glow from all the cell phone screens in the surrounding cars.  The couple next to us were both on theirs’.  Someone in the SUV in front of us.  I think the vision of the world portrayed in WALL-E is starting to come true.

Eric asked me if I thought anything good came of smartphones and I said something about keeping in touch with friends, easy access to information…

“I’m sorry.  I wasn’t listening.  I was on my phone.  What did you say?”
“I just don’t think they should be a replacement for actual human interaction.”
“I’m sorry could you text me this conversation.”

He’s a funny guy, my husband.

We stopped at a car dealership on the way home.  I stayed in the car and checked Pinterest for kid’s craft ideas that I will buy the supplies for but never actually make.  Eric promised to text me pictures of him by trucks that he liked.

The cell phone has even begun to replace physical exertion of any kind like when Eric texts me from the bedroom to turn down the T.V. or the time I texted him at work to find out if he had taken the trash out so I wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of my bed.  I’m telling you we are one step away from abandoning walking all together and just zooming around on Hoverounds.

Now, if you would, please leave some comments on this post so I have something to read during our family dinner.  If anyone wants to get coffee and text other people together, holler at me.  I could use the company.

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