Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo Friday: Have someone take your picture

Guest Post from Ann

I was wearing a bathrobe because none of my clothes fit. My daughter had been born three days before and I was happy and tired and I looked like a stranger to myself. A puffy-faced, scraggly-haired, pot-bellied stranger who I might avoid if I ran into her in public, especially if she were wearing that bathrobe and weeping when she attempted to read On the Night You Were Born. The last thing I wanted was for someone to take my picture, but I'm glad my husband did. It just captures that time perfectly. 
I thought about that photo when I read this great essay with the headline "The Mom Stays in the Picture" on the Huffington Post. You should read it. Even when I'm not worried about how I look (and, if you know me, you know that that's not usually one of my particular hangups), I need to remind myself to actually get into some photos. When you like taking photos, you find yourself behind the camera a lot. Just be sure to have some with you in there. Or offer to take some of your photo-crazy friend.

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