Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I tend to get onto my son for tattling a lot.  Right now I constantly feel like the referee between him and my daughter when my daughter commits such heinous crimes against him such as taking his toys, hitting, talking too loud, looking at him or just generally existing in the same space.  I should probably ease up though, because after today’s Target trip, I know where he gets it from-me.

I was walking behind a mom with her two children going to pick up some diapers and heard the boy say “Mom!  She keeps pushing me and slapping my butt!”  Right as he was saying this, the girl walked up behind him, went for the wind up, and slapped him right on the ass.

“MOM!  She just did it AGAIN!”
“No, I DIDN’T!”

The mom turned around and I saw her assessing the situation since she didn’t actually see it happen.  As a fellow mom, I know this can be a tough one.  My son recently told me that he knows for a fact that it never rains in China so I don’t take him as a credible source when he tells me his sister took his car.

It took everything inside me to not to jump up and say, “Your daughter is a liar!  She totally did just smack his ass!  I saw it!”

So I get it.  It’s hard to sit by quietly and witness an injustice being done.  I guess I just hope that if he ever gets smacked on the butt that he’ll be able to handle the situation on his own.  I also hope that he has ruled out gangbanger or member of the mob as viable career options.  Not so much for my moral objections or lack of health insurance and 401k, but because he would totally be the snitch and get himself killed.

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