Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Suburban Cowboy

Yesterday was Western Day at Hudson’s preschool.  Hudson was properly dressed in a pearl snap button up shirt, cowboy hat, and Stride-Rite shoes.  I’m still getting chastised for my failure to provide actual cowboy boots.  Seriously, if your kid asks you for cowboy boots, for the love of God, just buy some.  Trust me, you will never hear the end of it.

I also dressed for the occasion.  I wore my newly purchased Lucchese cowboy boots.  I know what you’re thinking-I have boots and Hudson doesn’t, but I had to get them.  I’ve lived in Oklahoma for 14 years now.  If I didn’t get a pair of cowboy boots, I think I would have been deported out of the state.  Plus, they look good with skinny jeans.  In an effort to look chic, I paired my boots with an Antonio Melani handbag.  Even a cowgirl’s got to be properly accessorized.   All the other suburbanite cowgirl moms had the same idea.  Everyone was a little bit country, a little bit In Style magazine.

We sat on a picnic blanket and had cowboy fare of hot dogs and in my case, a QuikTrip sandwich.  The kids made stick horses using cardboard rolls and Hudson very sweetly gave his a drink of water out of his hat.  The rest of the day Hudson told everyone that he met that cowboys use their hat to hold water.  Everyone.

After school, I picked up my little buckaroo and we saddled up in the SUV and headed out for our weekly trip to Starbucks.  Nothing draws attention to how ridiculous you look in western wear like walking into a Starbucks.  I’m pretty sure no self-respecting cowboy ever ordered a café mocha.  I tried to take Hudson’s picture but apparently real cowboys don’t let their moms take their picture at Starbuck’s with their iPhone.  Thankfully, living the suburban cowboy life is tiring…

Sweet dreams, buckaroo.

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