Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Children's Books Can Be Creepy, Part 3

Welcome back for our last installment of story time!  If you enjoyed reading about child labor, child abuse, smoking and prison you will love today’s selection, “Madeline” also known as “A Primer in Munchausen Syndrome”.  It is about a lovely little school in Paris with a happy little girl named Madeline with her happy little friends.

 Ok, well…sometimes life sucks.  The French are just open with their children about life’s suckiness.  At least it’s not like someone dies.

They just get terribly ill.

And what a great word-appendix!  Let’s name some other fun A-words such as anus, anarchy, and antichrist.

See children, there is a great lesson to be learned here.  Get sick, get cool stuff.

We can only hope for the follow-up book where Madeline uses her scar to convince her friends that she was shanked by Curious George in prison.

Like these little girls, we should all strive to be like Madeline.  You could study, do well in school, and work hard.  Or you could just have a major surgery and get people to bring you stuff.

Now go to sleep and have sweet dreams about what organ you would have removed if given the chance.

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