Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Drama Over Double-Sided Tape

Did you know if you put two 2-year olds together they could argue over a piece of tape?  It’s true.  I know this because this exactly what happened this weekend while I watched my niece and Kenzie.  This one 2-inch strip of double sided tape was the finest that the Scotch tape factory ever produced and both toddlers would do everything in their power to possess it.  Looters arguing over the last loaf of bread in the middle of a natural disaster could not have put more effort into their quest than these two.  I tried to get a second piece of tape, but this was met with an adamant “no”.  There could only be one piece of tape and no other would do.

There could also only be one barstool worthy of sitting on and one sippy cup that could meet all their milk-drinking needs.

Incidentally two 2-years olds together possess the magical ability to smear syrup over the keyboard of a closed laptop and record messages on the home phone voicemail of the previously mentioned battle over tape.

Hanging out with two toddlers also gives one the unique experience of having to explain why Play-Doh is bad for pianos and fishing yogurt covered raisins out of your bra.

However, in the midst of the screaming, arguing, and syrup distributing chaos, there are those sweet moments that make it all worthwhile…

Until someone decides to spin in an office chair wearing one flip-flop.

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