Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fireman in a Little Coat and Half a Minnie Mouse

For Halloween Hudson and Kenzie dressed up as a fireman in an ill-fitting jacket and half a Minnie Mouse respectively.  Hudson was in an ill-fitting jacket because he has insisted on the same costume, size 2T-3T, for the third year in a row now.  I tried to talk him into a new costume, I admit, as to not appear to be the mom that was too lazy to buy her kid a costume that fits.  Like anyone at his preschool Halloween party is actually going to interrupt the picture taking of their own child to say, “Did you see Sabine’s son?  That is way more than the accepted ½ inch of shirtsleeve showing from that jacket.  She probably doesn’t love her child like we love our children and is therefore unwilling to buy him a proper costume.  Poor kid.”  Silly, right?  I find being around other preschool moms can make you a little crazy though.  I got over my neurotic thinking when I remembered that it’s not all about me.

Kenzie was half a Minnie Mouse because she refused to wear the ears. She also decided against the cute silver ballet flats and went with her pink Stride Rite tennis shoes instead.  As a lover of all high-heeled and slightly uncomfortable footwear, my daughter is like a stranger to me.  She does love bacon though so I guess we can bond over that.

I didn’t think Kenzie was going to be all that in to trick-or-treating, but she proved me wrong by yelling, “I wanna go to DAT DOOR!” every time we passed a new house.  She would then greet the resident of the house with a cheery “Happy Ween!”

She even extended Halloween an extra day.  Yesterday the ChemLawn guy rang our doorbell while my children were allegedly napping.  When I opened the door, Kenzie yelled from her room, “Happy Ween!”

I hope you and yours had a happy Ween as well.

Kenzie ditched the ears immediately after this picture was taken. 


  1. Your children have the best hair color ever.

    1. Thank you, Jill! Based on the pictures on your blog, it looks like you have some lovely little redheads yourself.