Monday, November 26, 2012

Liquor is Hard for a 4-Year Old to Say

When Hudson was about 2-years old, we often had this conversation with people who came over and happened to look in his toy box.

“Is that…a catheter?”
“No, that would be weird.  It’s a Blakemore tube.”
“A what?”
“A Blakemore tube.  It’s used to control upper gastrointestinal bleeding.”

It was one of those weird side effects of having parents that work in an emergency department.  For a while it was his favorite toy.  I’m telling you, Blakemore tubes are this year’s Tickle Me Elmo.

Working in an emergency department doesn’t exactly explain why we had the thing in our house though.  We’re known to have sutures or Dermabond.  This makes sense.  We have two kids.  They get cuts.  I’m hoping we didn’t think our kids would turn into alcoholics and develop GI bleeding.

It may, however, have been foreshadowing for the fact that my in-laws now own a liquor store and have started chapter two of weirdness as a result of a family members occupation.  On the way to school one day, we passed my father-in-law on his way to the store.

“Papa, must be on his way to the….oilielor store.”
“You mean liquor store, Hudson?”
“Yes.  Liquor is really hard for a little 4-year old to say.”

Yes, it is son.  As it should be.

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