Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some Snazzy New Marketing

Sadly, we had to part with Bruce and David (see Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie of the Bathroom) on our last night in Chicago and move to a Comfort Inn Suites.  After my recent stay there, I have come up with some new marketing ideas for them.  Let me know what you think.

Comfort Inn Suites:  We want your stay to be relaxing.  We will therefore lose your reservation and leave you on hold 30 minutes while we try to sort it you so you can have a chance to meditate.  Namaste.

Comfort Inn Suites: Making your room smell like shit so you don’t have to.

Comfort Inn Suites: None of our T.V.s work so we’ll give you two.

Comfort Inn Suites:  Our rooms now come in 3 refreshing scents: old Indian food, sweaty sock, and ass.

Comfort Inn Suites: Housekeeping?  What housekeeping?  We trust you with not just your own cleanliness and but with the cleanliness of those that have come before you.

Comfort Inn Suites: Because it’s better than staying in a cardboard box.

I must admit…that last one may not be entirely true.

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