Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Ode to the Starbuck's Lady

How to describe yesterday’s grocery store trip…hmmm.  The words “fucking awful” come to mind.  I don’t know if you know this, but those sliding doors at Target are not only the entrance to a store, but also an opening to all the anguish that exists in a two year old's soul.

Kenzie was perfectly fine until we walked trough those doors.  Then suddenly everything was wrong in her life and she had a complete meltdown.  I headed straight for the Starbucks counter to increase my caffeine levels because when your children are falling apart in front of you, a little caffeine never hurts.

I had just ordered my cup of coffee when she ran away from me back to the entrance and threw herself on the floor, belly down, and preceded to have a tantrum.  I tried to get her to sit in her chair for a snack.  I tried to get her to drink her milk.  Nothing helped.

Enter an angel named Wendi dressed in a Starbucks apron and hat.  With a smile on her face she started calmly talking to Kenzie who amazingly had quieted down.

“I have a 7-year old so I understand”, she said.

Kenzie reached out her little arms and Wendi picked her up.  She played peek-a-boo.  Kenzie laughed.  Kenzie tried to give her some of her milk.  Wendi played with her and Hudson for a little bit, chatted, and then went back to work.  And the storm had passed.

Later that evening, I was telling Eric this story.  I looked at Kenzie and said “You wanna tell Daddy why you decided to throw a fit at Target today?”
Clear as day and suddenly articulate she answered, “didn’t wanna go in.”

Anyway, thank you Wendi from Starbuck’s.  Thank you for bringing a bit of calm at moment when I thought I might lose my mind.  They say it takes a village.  A village with a Starbuck’s.  And really, is there a village left that doesn’t have a Starbuck’s?

Now serving childcare with that tall cafe mocha.

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