Monday, December 31, 2012

Naughty by Nature

The kids and I have been spending this week at my parents’ house.  They live in a small town and they have a wooded area behind their house. This often provides opportunities to see wild life up close that we wouldn’t see in our area of suburbia.

This morning Hudson had come down early in the morning and was spending some time with my mother.  As I was coming down the stairs with Kenzie, we saw two deer out front in the neighbor’s yard.

“They look just like reindeer!”, yelled Hudson.

Mom got him a pair of binoculars so he could watch them a little closer.  Kenzie stood on her tip-toes to see them.

The deer chased each other around a tree.  They frolicked and jumped at each other.  We all “aww”-ed over their cute white tails.

Then one deer humped the other deer and that was the end of that.

One of the deer pre-coitus

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