Friday, December 14, 2012

Photo Friday: Christmas pajama edition

Guest Post from Ann

I'm working on my first round of photos for any holiday greetings that I may (or may not, considering my track record) be sending to our family and friends. New Year's is a holiday, right? So far, this is my favorite. I'm thinking of doing something super-fake and silly with the background and possibly adding our pugs. My husband suggested a ferret Nativity scene.

Or maybe I'll be inspired to do something less bizarre - my husband would argue less awesome - than that. I am loving the lights and ornaments in some of these Plus, it would be great to put our lights and ornaments to some kind of non-dust-catching use, since we haven't actually put up a tree at our house. We'll see what next Photo Friday holds...

In the meantime, five quick tips for shooting Christmas photos.

1. Shoot at a time when your subjects (be they people, pugs or Nativity-scene ferrets) are well-fed and happy. Bribe as necessary.

2. Watch your backgrounds. You don't want people to be looking at stuff in the background and going "What the heck is that?" Ideally, my background would have been a little more festive than my dead lawn, but at least it's not taking away from my subject.

3. If you're going outside, it's probably best not to go in direct sunlight in the middle of the day (crazy shadows are not the amateur photographer's friend). The first and last hour of sunlight are good times to try. (Plus, pajamas might make for a cute picture and being outside in pajamas might cheer up reluctant kiddos. Might.)

4. Keep it simple. One prop is better than 13. And one ferret is definitely better than 13.

5. Have some fun. Sometimes the photos where you're goofing around end up the best and the most like you.

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