Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photo Friday: The dog deserves it

Guest Post from Ann

This is a tribute to the unsung heroes of the household, dogs. Everywhere I go without my two pugs, I wish they were there to clean up. Which makes it sound like I am horribly messy and lazy. Which is pretty accurate. (I recently realized that I had walked around all day with a tiny yogurt-y handprint on my sweater, courtesy of my daughter at breakfast.)

Anyhow, this is my way of encouraging you to get your dogs into some pictures. Get down on their level and capture the things they love. I'm thinking more them playing with a Frisbee or some kids, rather than throwing up on the rug in the living room, but that's up to you. (A side note to ponder: Why can dogs not vomit on tile?) It's easy to forget about our four-legged friends when it's time for pictures, but we shouldn't. 

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