Monday, December 17, 2012

Protect Those Elbows, Ladies

Sometimes I am left speechless by my son's questions.  Sometimes by how deep and thoughtful they are.  Sometimes because they are really, really strange.  Before I tell you about this most recent one I have to give you some history.

When Hudson was about 3-years old we were playing in his room one day.
“Mommy, you have elbows in your shirt.”
“Yeah, you have elbows in your shirt just like Grandma.”

If you’re still confused as to what he meant by elbows, check out Madonna circa 1990.
She had some really pointy elbows.

Now that we’re clear on the definition of elbows, fast-forward to Hudson present day, 5 years old.  The kids were dressed.  I was in my closet changing out of my pajamas so I could drive Hudson to school when he came in and said, “Mommy, that’s long bra you have on.”

I was wearing one of those tank-tops with the bra built in.
“It’s not a bra, buddy.  It’s just a shirt.”
“Well, what’s in your shirt that keeps people from playing with your elbows?”

It appears that for the past couple years ever since he was aware that girls have something in their shirts that boys don’t, he has thought that the purpose of a bra is to protect yourself from people that may want to play with…ahem…your elbows.

Thankfully by the time I composed myself, he lost interest in the answer.  This is fortuitous because I still don't have a good one.

So you have been warned ladies.  Be careful out there.  I here there are people that can take off those elbow protectors one-handed.


  1. It must be a son thing because my son talks more about my "elbows" than my daughter every did!