Monday, January 28, 2013

In Need of Real Information

“Mommy, are some spiders nice?” asked Hudson while we were driving to the gym.
“Yes, some spiders are nice.”
“Are some spiders mean?”

That spider that crawled on my washcloth that one time just as I was getting ready to wash my face, that spider was a real dick.  I didn’t say that though.  But if the question would have been “Are some spiders dicks?”, I would have answered with an emphatic “yes”.

“I need to learn about spiders so I can learn the difference between nice spiders and mean spiders because I want to get a nice spider to crawl on my hand.  Maybe we should get a book about spiders.”

Being the bibliophile that I am, I admit I get pretty excited any time my son wants to do anything involving books.

“That’s a good idea, Hudson!  Where do you think we could go to get a book about spiders?”
“Target?” (Because of course he has to pick up on my unhealthy relationship with Target instead.)
“Maaaybeee…how about the library?”
“Or Barnes& Noble” he suggested, “because I need some real information, not pretend information.”

And that my friends is just one of the many reasons I love my son so much.   I know that he will never share a silly meme on Facebook with pretend information about spiders.

Probably contains pretend information about spiders.

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