Thursday, January 3, 2013

Money and Bacon

My children had simple requests today.  Money and Bacon.

It started with Kenzie randomly screaming at me this morning.  That’s really not that unusual.  She screams things at me all the time, but not usually about breakfast items.

“You want bacon?”
“I’m sorry, we don’t have any bacon.”

I will admit that we bought a pound the other day and it didn’t even last 12 hours.  We’re a bit obsessed with it.  I actually made meatloaf with a cheese center that was wrapped in bacon that I….wait for it….wove.  Yeah, that’s right.  I wove bacon.  Into a meal.  Tell me I’m not the best housewife ever.

So sadly I did not have any bacon to honor my daughter’s simple request.  I also could not honor my son’s request for a box full of money.

He had taken some of his coins and put them in a small cardboard box.

“I need some more money.  This isn’t even enough to fill this box.”
I looked up from the book I was reading because I could tell this conversation was going to be way more interesting.
“The next time I see grandma I’m going to ask her to give me some so I can have this box full of money.”

This got me thinking.  Maybe Scrooge McDuck really wasn’t that rich.  If converted all my assets to coins, I’d look pretty rich too.  Maybe not enough to fill an entire room, but perhaps a small broom closet.

Anyway, my kids are probably on to something.  Because wouldn’t we all be happier with more money and bacon.


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