Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Musings on Mullets

I’ve been thinking a lot about mullets lately.  Not because I’ve been thinking of getting one, but because I overheard a conversation about them at the mall.  The conversation was between a mulleted boy, about 16 years old, and another about 13 years old with long hair.

The long-haired boy looked at the boy with the mullet and said, “Dude, why do you have a mullet?”
“Because mullets are cool.”
“Mullets are so 3000 years ago.”
“No man, mullets are coming back into style.”

This answered my question of if people with mullets know that they have a mullet.
I wonder how many people actually go to their barber and ask for a mullet.  I imagine it’s probably more common to hear “Take some off the top and sides, but under no circumstances shall you touch the party in the back.”

I always feel sorry the people that seem blissfully unaware.  I saw a guy the other day with his hair just slightly longer in the back that probably has no idea that he has a seedling mullet.  There should be some sort of public service announcement for this sort of thing.  Especially for the children.

If you're into androgyny with mullets, I'm super hot.

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