Saturday, January 19, 2013


My son will be a storyteller just like his mother.  Like me, he will be a weaver of words, a builder of eloquent locutions, and an avid user of the thesaurus to use fancy words inappropriately.  Maladroitly if you will.  I knew this to be fact when he told me the story of spotting a seagull while driving home one day.  Yes, we were still in Oklahoma at the time.  I said storyteller not ornithologist.  Speaking of ornithologists, did you know that the namesake of Ian Fleming's spy James Bond, was James Bond, leading American ornithologist and expert on Caribbean birds?  Seriously.  Google it.  But back to my story... 

“Mommy, I just saw a seagull!”
“Yeah I saw the seagull and I was like…whoa…that’s a seagull.”

And with those words, he painted a picture in my mind of what that bird looked like gracefully soaring across the sky through his child-like eyes. I felt his boyish excitement when he uttered the word…whoa.  He also portrayed quite accurately what Joey Lawrence would sound like if just saw a seagull.  Or a spider monkey.  Or just about anything.  Yes, my son will tell great tales.

Whoa.  That's a seagull.

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  1. We had returned to Oklahoma from Galveston when Daughter 2 saw a "seagull" and then pronounced him drunk because why else would a seagull be in Oklahoma? Maybe we should keep these two away from each other. ;)