Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Revenge of Target

Target came after me again.  I suppose it was angry with me for defeating it that one time.  When we managed to stick to our grocery list, for the most part at least, it snapped.  This time it decided to take its revenge out on my family.   Bad move Target.  Bad move.

Eric and I had finished shopping.  We finished loading our groceries in the car and Eric put the shopping cart back.  As he turned to walk back to the car, Target freed its shopping cart from its cage and it slowly started to advance on our car, taunting us.  Eric calmly put the shopping cart back and walked back to the car.   Target, however, was just getting started.  It freed the cart again it started to stampede towards our car a second time.

Like me though, my husband isn’t afraid of the red-eyed beast.  He turned to face Target’s shopping cart minion and raced towards it full of fury.  With a war cry of “Motherfuckeeeerrrr!” he leapt into the air and high-kicked that shopping cart in its metaphorical nads, sending it right back to where it came from.

You cannot defeat me, Target.  Today the score is Brown family-2, Target-0.  Suck on that, Target.

 One of Target's henchmen.

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