Saturday, February 9, 2013

Awesome With a Side of Hummus

Sometimes I'm so awesome I can't stand it.  You want photographic evidence you say?  Well alright...
That, my friends, is a picture of my children eating carrots with hummus while playing an alphabet game.  Nutrition.  BAM. Learning.  BAM.  Middle Eastern chickpea dip high in protein, fiber, and a whole bunch of other stuff that's good for you all the while getting exposure to food from other countries.  BAM!  I parented so damn hard June Cleaver ain't got nothin' on me.  Parenting...pfft...I got's this all. day. long.  Or at least until about 2:00 at which point I will be needing a nap.


  1. You go girl. My two year old is currently dipping carrots in ranch in the nude, but I'll spare you that picture.

  2. After your reading this last week, Cayden tried hummus and I think he may have liked it! Thank you for sharing you parenting skills. :) <3