Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Trails

Well we safely arrived in Tahoe.  I thought I saw Anthony Bourdain in the Tulsa airport.  It was not.  I thought I saw Speaker Boehner in the Phoenix airport.  I did not.  Then to top it all off Denzel Washington wasn’t even flying our plane.  I guess he doesn’t fly for Southwest.  What a let down.  Eric did get crop-dusted by someone on the moving sidewalk so that was worth a laugh.

I did, however, get into an etiquette conundrum on the plane.  What is one to do when the person in the seat next to you is sleeping and rather large and her left butt cheek in covering your seatbelt?  Do you wake up your neighbor and politely say “Excuse me, but your ass seems to have eaten my seatbelt.”?  Or do you go with the snatch and grab?  I opted for the later.

After we were all settled in, there was one straggler still looking for a seat.

“Can I help you with your bag?” said the flight attendant.
“No, I’m just looking for a seat.” said the woman standing in the middle of no less than six open middle seats.
Then the flight attendant said, “Bitch please!  What do you think this is? Continental?  Sit your ass down!”
Ok, I made that up, but that’s how it played out in my head.  My version is better.

Now I must leave you.  I have to go attend this exciting medical conference.  No, it really is.  I think I just saw Dustin Hoffman.

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