Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo Friday: Let them shoot cake

This week Sabine is participating in Oklahoma Women Bloggers "For The Love of Blogging" challenge, even though her guest blogger, Ann, is a traitor who moved to Texas.  Today's theme is food.

This is a cupcake that was almost too beautiful to eat (not that I didn't eat it, just saying). If you happen to be in Dallas and are considering a Day of Eating Awesomeness in the Sabine and Ann tradition, I highly recommend a trip to La Duni in Dallas or Fairview. This is the cuatro leches cupcake. And, really, if you're eating something that pretty, you might want to document it and share it on Facebook to make your friends jealous, er, I mean let your friends know. I'm far from an expert on food photography, but a great food photographer shares his tips for shooting food here.


  1. I never take good food pictures. I take good puke pictures, though.

    That cupcakes looks YUM!

  2. Beautiful looking cupcake- would be hard to eat :)