Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sometimes You Try. Sometimes You Try and Fail.

A couple of weeks ago I was pretty pumped to hear that the piece I submitted to “Listen To Your Mother” was accepted for a live audition.

So I went.  But alas, I did not make it.

I ain’t gonna lie-I was pretty bummed.  At a low point I watched Lockdown Orange County and wondered why even prison inmates had more talent than me.  Seriously, there was a dude that made a guitar from a model boat kit.  And not just a regular guitar, an electric guitar.  There was also a guy that could rattle off a lovely rap about making a shank in under 5 seconds.  And his voice didn’t shake or nothin’.

But as my son sometimes says after a tantrum- I’m done now.

I’m going to choose to be proud of myself for trying.  Old me would never have chosen to overcome her anxiety to stand up in front of people and speak.  I will choose not be ashamed of failing, but to be proud of trying.

I’m going to choose to be proud that I made it as far as I did.

I’m going to choose to take this as an opportunity to be an example.  I harp on my son all the time to not fear failure.  I teach him that failure is necessary to learn.  So today I will practice what I preach.  I will embrace it and I will try again next year. 

I’m going to choose to be thankful.  I’m thankful that I got to meet some great ladies today.  I’m thankful that this six-month blogging journey has put me in touch with some wonderfully funny talented ladies that have been incredibly supportive.  I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Now…Go see “Listen To Your Mother” because there will truly be some great storytellers there.


  1. Good for you for taking a leap and trying out. I'm going to be out of town w/ my mom that weekend or I would have submitted too. Maybe next year we'll be up there together!

    1. Let's do it! We can be each other's moral support! Also, you can be in charge of shaking me and saying "Pull yourself together, woman!"