Monday, April 8, 2013

Awkward Easter

You know how you can never get your kids to cooperate for pictures?  That doesn't change when your kids are grown.  Especially if they're assholes.  This is how my brother and I responded to her request for a picture of her children.
My brother's a 20-year old college student and therefore immature.  It was his idea. Ok, fine it was my idea.  I mean, we're the same people who thought buying footie pajamas to take these pictures was a good idea, so she shouldn't be surprised.

It was my mother's idea that we needed a picture without sunglasses. That's a lie. That was my idea, too.

This is what happens when you try to take a picture without sunglasses in glaring Oklahoma sun.  You burn your f-ing retinas.  That's what happens.

Just a little bit longer.  Work through the pain.  The sacrifice of vision is worth it for Easter pictures to show the world how damn happy we are.

Sorry mom.  Happy Easter.

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