Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From Boys to Skulls

It happened.  My son has officially outgrown the toddler section.  One of my first ventures into the boy’s section was to buy pajamas.

Preferably without skulls.  I mean just because he’s in the boy’s section doesn’t mean everything has to have skulls on it.

Or apparantly it does.

I’m not ready for this.  Isn’t there some sort of transition section?  Maybe a ‘toddlers that are really boys but their moms just aren’t ready to let go’ section.
And is it really necessary to go from Thomas the Tank Engine to symbols of death and carnage?  Apparantly there’s no middle ground here.  I might as well go get him his first tattoo and set him up with a Roth IRA.

It’s all happening too fast.  I think the day that he outgrows footie pajamas, I just might cry.  As long as I can still see his cutie-patootie hiney scamper up the stairs in Batman footie PJ’s, he’s still my little boy.  I guess I have to let go sometime.  It would be nice for him to be grown up enough to actually clean his room and floss his teeth without help…maybe throw together a meal in the CrockPot.  I guess I will just have to learn how to let go.  But does growing up have to involve so many skulls?


  1. I noticed that too! I don't want to encourage my son to be a Pirate... 19 months is much to young. I like you're idea about learning how to throw together a meal in the CrockPot though. :)

    *oh, hi btw... saw that you were following me on twitter so i checked out your blog! :)Great post!

    1. Me neither! I don't think there's very good job stability in Pirating. And thanks for stopping by!