Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Friday: Sun times and goat noises

Here's a demonstration of a photography problem you are very likely to come across all the time.  The harsh sunlight in the first photo made for tough lighting conditions. Face her one way, you'd get some pretty extreme shadows on her face. Face her the other, you'd get her squinting into the sun. (I know, I tried them both.) If you're an amateur without a lot of equipment on you, you've got a couple basic options. One is to find some shade, which didn't work in this case because there was no shady area with bluebonnets. One is to use a fill flash, which I didn't try here. That's because I knew that I didn't have long to wait until there would be lots of pretty, indirect light before sunset. And that generally makes for a much better photos. Also, I made goat noises to amuse her for that second shot.

Even if your subjects are your bratty adult children, the same ideas would work. Especially the goat thing.

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