Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Potty Art

Reason #112 why my son is the coolest: his art.
This is the picture he drew yesterday.

"Tell me about your picture," I said.  I have read that this is the way you are supposed to talk to your child about their artwork.  I guess if you ask them "What is that?" they have meltdown and they think that you think that they have no talent and then they resent you for the rest of their lives because they became an accountant instead of the artist they had always wished they had become had you not squashed their dreams.  Something like that anyway.

"That's a train," he said pointing to the bottom of the picture.
"That's great! Tell me about these people at the top."
"They're all Daddy."
He pointed to the stick figure in the upper left-hand corner.
"That one's Daddy wearing his work hat and that's a wrench."
Then he pointed to the stick figure in the upper right-hand corner.
"That one's Daddy without a hat and that's a shovel."
"What about this one?" I asked pointing to the figure in the middle.
"That one's Daddy on the potty."

My husband is quite proud that this is how my son sees him: working or pooping.

Me?  I think it's the best potty art I've ever seen.  But I've also read that you aren't supposed to give generalized compliments because it stifles their creativity and becomes meaningless after a while.   So I will heed the experts' advise. Instead I will tell him that I can see that he really put a lot of time into drawing that potty.  I will tell him that I really like the shape he chose for that toilet seat and how he captured the expression on Daddy's face.

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