Monday, April 22, 2013

The Tale of Eric vs. Ninja Squirrel

I already told you the story about the squirrel that eats daily from our bird feeder that Eric hates with a passion.  The bird feeder is squirrel-proof, but that doesn’t slow him down one bit.

At the end of that story the score was Squirrel 1: Eric 0.   Well, the saga continues…

Eric decided that he would put an end the free-loading squirrel by hanging the birdfeed from the edge of the patio.  There are no trees nearby so he figured the squirrel could not jump over that far.  That would normally be correct, if it wasn’t for the fact that we have a ninja squirrel.  Because there he was the next morning, eating away in his usual upside down position.  I suggested maybe he had a little squirrel jetpack.  Eric didn’t find it quite as funny.

Ninja Squirrel 2: Eric 0

Eric now decided that he would buy one of those metal hooks that you just put in the ground.  It’s just a slick metal stake that should be impossible to climb.

Unless you’re ninja squirrel.

Ninja Squirrel 3: Eric 0

He thought that maybe it was just to close to the tree so he moved it.

Ninja Squirrel 4: Eric 0

It was sometime around this point that I believe my husband truly lost his mind. Actually, I know the exact moment.  It was the moment that he went out to the bird-feeder hanger with a can of WD-40.  I was driving my son to school when I received this text message, “Gotcha fucking squirrel.  Lmao at him sliding down the pole.  Hahahahahahahahaha!"  Ninja squirrel had successfully infiltrated his mind.

That and he managed to climb to the bird-feeder anyway.

Ninja Squirrel 5: Eric 0.

How about spraying the bird-feeder down in Crisco?  That’s neither normal behavior from a grown man nor effective.

Ninja Squirrel 6: Eric  0.

I believe that my poor husband has now been broken.  If you look closely while that squirrel is eating you can see him extend his tiny, furry middle finger right at a sobbing Eric.

Well played, Ninja Squirrel.  Well played.


  1. You've got to admire the little guy's determination.

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  3. Give up and put out a squirrel feeder? :)

  4. This gives new meaning to the phrase 'getting squirrelly'. Too funny.