Saturday, April 13, 2013

TMI Mom: Oversharing My Live-A Review

You know how you have that friend that you’ve known forever and you tell each other everything?  That friend that you calls you up and says things like “I know you’re at work, but I just have to tell you about how I just accidentally wiped jalapeno juice on my lady parts…”?  Ok, maybe you haven’t had that specific story about ill-placed jalapeno juice, but my friend Heather Davis has and she will tell you all about it in her new book TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life.

TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life is a book about motherhood, marriage, and funny stories about life in general.  It is the book version of the best friend that tells you everything.  The friend that’s not afraid to say soccer moms can just be plain freaky or that she’s not wearing underwear.  From keeping the romance alive Carmen Electra style to lip tattoos to thongs ending up in unfortunate places, it’s all in her book for you to read.  You’re never quite sure where Heather will lead you next, but you can be sure it is a windy road filled with hilariousness, awesomeness, and maybe a strip tease or two.

Find her book on Amazon and don’t forget to follow her on her blog Minivan Momma for even more oversharing.

About the Author
Heather Davis has a finely-tuned snarky side which she uses on a daily basis to save her sanity. She is married to a very patient husband, and together they have two very entertaining daughters.   Oversharing My Life, a collection of humorous essays, is her debut book. She and her family live in Bartlesville, OK, where she chronicles her life at

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