Monday, May 27, 2013

Dolphins Don’t Like To Get Their Shorts Wet

One evening before our trip, I took the kids and the dog for a walk through our neighborhood.  We were talking about our upcoming trip to Sea World.  Hudson had been learning about the ocean at school and was quite excited to learn about all the animals we would see.

“Mommy, dolphins don’t like to get their shorts wet,” announced Kenzie.
I mean we all know that dolphins hate getting sand in their sandals, but this one I had not heard before.
“Dolphins wear shorts?”
She gave me an exasperated look and said, “No, dolphins don’t wear shorts!” and walked off.
Somehow I had come of as the crazy person in this conversation.  So all you preteens out there complaining about how weird your parents are just remember-you made them that way.  You made your parents this way after countless conversations just like this one.

So we headed to San Antonio from Dallas and after 4 hours and about 50 viewings of “A Bug’s Life” we made it to San Antonio.  I guess our kids don’t get out much because the hotel room was the most exciting thing to happen in their life right after learning how to shoot spitballs from their grandfather.  Room service just about blew Hudson’s mind.

“You mean they bring the food to our room?!”

When the food came they were so excited they celebrated by eating about one bite each and then jumping on the bed.

We did finally decide to leave our magical hotel room and visit Sea World.  We even got to pet and feed the dolphins.  If you ask Kenzie, she will tell you that we fed them fish cookies with Grandma.  Kenzie doesn’t always tell the truth.

She was right about dolphins not liking to get their shorts wet though.  I know this because when we visited them, they decided to go commando.

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