Sunday, May 26, 2013

You Must First Remove The Lens Cap

So we survived an entire week away from home and about 24 hours in the car with two children.  I’d like to tell you that we planned this elaborate trip way in advance, but what actually happened was me saying “hey, that week you have off is in 3 days.  We should probably do something.”  Tuesday we looked at the map and decided there were a lot of places of interest along 1-35 (we were too cheap to spring for plane tickets) and Friday we left for Dallas, our first stop before continuing to San Antonio and then South Padre Island.

To stick with our doing things at the last possible moment theme, we bought a camera the day we left town.  Thankfully we were staying with Ann and she kindly offered to give me a tutorial and she had signed me up for an online photography class.

Dear sweet Ann had no idea of the level of incompetence that she was dealing with.

Ann was teaching about the million and one buttons and the beauty of ISO or as I like to call it-the thing that does the thing with the light next to the other button that does the other thing with the light.

“How does the filter go on? I tried to push it on but it felt weird so I stopped, “ said Eric
“It screws on.”
“Ooooohhhh,” said Eric and I collectively.

Ann tried to teach me about white balance and shutter speed.
“How would one remove the lens cap?” I asked

She got me signed into my online photography class and showed me how to view the lessons.  I took a picture of her on the computer because I have the patience of a 5-year old and really wanted to push buttons on my new camera.

So thank you Ann for have the patience to try to teach me some photography.  I’m getting there.  And I did take these, which I think are pretty cool…

More about our trip tomorrow.  I did get some pictures since I have now mastered lens cap removal.


  1. Could you please patent the color of your daughter's hair. Thank you.

  2. Well actually your son's too.