Monday, June 17, 2013

At Least I Won't Get Ebola From Nutella

Every morning my kids have whole-grain waffles with Nutella.  Yes, I threw in the whole grain part to somehow make myself feel better about the crap they eat in the morning.  I do really well the rest of the day.  They eat fruits and vegetables.  Lunch and dinner are almost always healthy.  I just don’t have it in me in the morning to have the food battle.  Plus, the lady on the Nutella commercial seems pretty jazzed about the health aspects of hazelnut and whole milk and well, if it’s good enough for commercial mom lady, it’s good enough for me. My daughter will eat bacon though and on occasion they will both eat hard-boiled eggs.

So that is what I made this morning.  Because I dug down deep and churned up some will power to make my kids eat healthy.  That and we ran out of waffles, but whatever.  My picky son will only eat the whites and even at that, he was done after two bites.  Like every mom, my diet consists mainly of leftovers from my children.

“Are you done with that?”
I took a bite just in time for him to say, “That may have germs on it.”

With a mouth full of partially chewed egg I answered, “What do you mean…may have germs?”

There’s a lot of random shit in my house.  I mean we did at one point find an entire Papa John’s breadstick in the couch.  So it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there is a vat of ebola somewhere in the depths of the playroom.  Kim Jong-un could be planning biological warfare in there and I wouldn’t know it since I never set foot in that room unless I have too.

“I may have coughed on it.”

So tomorrow we’re back to whole grain waffles with Nutella.  Reason #1- no food battle.  Less risk of communicable diseases will now be added as reason #2.

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