Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sponsored Post And Giveaway With Marissa Mitchell-Aesthetician

I admit it.  I love the spa.  I didn't mean to love the spa.  It was an accident.  I went in for a photofacial to get rid of some sun damage.  Then I noticed my friend's beautiful lashes and had to go back for that too.  Now the latest spa love-micropeels.  Today Marissa Mitchell-Aesthetician from Emerge Medical Day Spa is sharing some knowledge about this "summer facial".  Who says the spa can't be educational?

What exactly is a micropeel?

Marissa: A Micropeel at Emerge is a unique facial peel treatment that has 3 parts.
The first part is a manual exfoliation of the skin where a blade is gently and carefully scraped across the face removing dead skin cells, and all that annoying peach fuzz. Also known as dermaplaning!

The second part of the Micropeel is the chemical exfoliation. We select an alpha-hydroxy acid that is customized to meet your skin type, and skin concerns.

The third part is cryogenic therapy- we carefully apply dry ice to the skin to tighten the blood vessels on the face that have been dilated from the peel. The Cryo treatment also helps heal blemishes because it kills bacteria.

The result is an immediate increased glow and radiance with no downtime! Not only will your skin feel immediately softer and smoother, but this treatment is wonderful for: anti-aging prevention, blemishes, acne scars and hyperpigmentation (sunspots).

I once had my face nearly melted off from a chemical peel.  How is this different?

Marissa: A Micropeel is different because it is a light, superficial peel. We select a customized acid and percentage that is appropriate for your skin type and condition. Strong enough to make your skin glow, and look amazing-- but not so strong you leave looking like you got a sunburn! All the exfoliation happens in the treatment room. This means your skin might get tingly and warm-- but that's it. No actual peeling!

What is a micropeel good for?

Marissa: Pretty much everything! For immediate radiance and pore tightening one Micropeel is good. If you have sunspots, acne scars or want to reduce fine lines, you are going to need more! After all, you didn't get those sunspots, and fine lines overnight! I'd recommend a series of 4-6 Micropeels every 4 weeks for optimal results

Is there any downtime aka will I look like a Freddy Kruger afterwards?

Marissa: No that is the beauty of Micropeel! There is no downtime whatsoever! Occasionally on super sensitive skin, a client- might get a little rosy-cheeked, but that's it! Every client that comes in for a Micropeel, leaves looking amazing!

How do you care for your skin afterwards?

Marissa: It is really important to do two things: 1) avoid prolonged sun exposure--the first week is critical. After all, we just double exfoliated your skin- so it's extra sensitive. So timing is important, get a Micropeel after your summer get-away-vacation, not before. The second thing is to wear sunscreen religiously.

Are there any people that shouldn’t get a micropeel?

Marissa: Most everyone is a good candidate if they are: in good health, willing to avoid prolonged sun exposure and will wear sunscreen every day. However a few exceptions would be: anyone that has open lesions on their face (from a herpes outbreak or otherwise). Also, if you are using Retinols you will need to stop a week prior to your Micropeel to avoid over exfoliation.

So here's me no make-up post peel.  My face felt fantastic and super smooth.  I told my husband he needed to feel my face and he told me I was being weird.  Whatever.  He should have felt it.  It was fantastic.  And I didn't even have to look like Freddie Kruger.

Now here's the best part!  Marissa is giving away 3 coupons for $20 off of a micropeel with Marissa at Emerge!  Follow these 3 simple steps to be entered in the drawing.

1) Go to Marissa Mitchell-Aesthetician and give her a "like".

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3) Leave a comment and let me know that you followed the steps.

That's it!  Winner will be chosen by random drawing and will be announced on Saturday.


  1. I liked both and I hope you get a ton of hits on this because they searched "herpes outbreak." ;) I had a microderm thing-y once. It was great!

  2. I wear sunscreen daily. I promise. And my hat at the pool. But nice eyelashes & a smooth hairless face would be nice. I liked away.

  3. I like it and if needed i must try it . eyelashes, beauty