Monday, June 24, 2013

Walkin' Poops in Watercolor

Hudson has been really into artwork recently.  He is constantly coloring, drawing, and cutting.  Yesterday he tried his hand at watercolors.  He painted a lot of pictures, but he had one that he was particularly proud of so I'm going to share it with you because it really is great.

A bit of back story.  Our dog is weird.  Unlike most dogs who just squat to "drop a deuce", Cooper walks.  He waddles across the yard dropping little turd nuggets as he walks.  We have had him for six years, but we all still crack up when someone says, "Look!  Cooper's doing the walkin' poop!"  We curse him when it's time to do poop patrol in the yard, but while he's doing it...funny every time.  So now that being said...

Hudson's latest piece of art....

Cooper Doing Walkin' Poops.  In watercolor.

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