Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good Job

My son sometimes needs some encouragement.  He’s pretty hard on himself and I have to make sure he knows that he’s doing a good job.  Then there’s my daughter. She needs no extra help and will encourage herself at random.  Like coming back from the grocery store.

“Good job.”
“Who are you saying good job to, Kenzie?”
“Why are you telling yourself good job?”
“Because I went to the soccer field and I kicked the ball and I kicked a goal and that was awesome.”

And you know, she’s kinda on to something.  I mean the world is not always going to recognize your accomplishments.  Generally, people are to busy worrying about their own lives to see your awesomeness.  Maybe a little self-congratulating is in order.

So with that in mind…Friday I talked at the Tulsa Democratic Luncheon and gave a 10 minute presentation even though I was scared out of my mind and then I took my kids to the pool even though I was tired and they ended up having a great time and that was awesome.  Good job.

What did you do recently that was awesome?

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