Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo Friday: Everyone needs a Sabine

Guest Post from Ann

This one has nothing and everything to do with photography at the same time. I'm taking a portrait photography class and bugging the incredibly tolerant people I know to pose for me (eight weeks is a looot of portraits). I made an incredibly quick trip to Tulsa over the weekend and went to Sabine's kids' soccer practice and stopped by her house for a few minutes. She was playing in the back yard with the kids and the dog and I went inside.

I saw the light in her piano room - she started taking piano lessons as an adult because she's cool like that - and I rushed out to the yard and said, "I need to photograph you, but first I need you to change your shirt." The shirt she had on had some writing on it that I thought would be distracting, but I didn't even have to say that to her. She just went with it. She always does, ever since we were 14. Yep, that's 20 years of best-friendom. Whatever excellent adventure (see the Day of Eating Awesomeness)  or half-baked scheme (see our attempt to inflate her tires) we come up with, she's ready to be my partner in it. So I definitely can't hate her, even though this is really what she looks like right after she took her kids to soccer practice and was playing in the yard.

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