Sunday, July 7, 2013

Why I Left The Salon Without Shoes

Last Christmas, my in-laws gave me a gift card for a massage at Ihloff Salon. They’re pretty much the best in-laws ever.  Despite this fabulous gift, I never got around to scheduling an appointment.  Until last week.

My shoulders and neck had been killing me.  During a sleepless night I took a muscle relaxant which didn’t do a lot for my neck but it did make me forget what I said 5 minutes ago and made my husband ask me if I was “in a loop” when I asked him the same two questions more than once the next morning.   Then I remembered the gift card and made an appointment.

I went to my appointment the next morning and was greeted by Kayla, a sweet massage therapist, that showed me to the changing room.  She brought me a robe and offered me spa shoes which I declined opting instead to wear my own flip-flops. The spa shoes were brown plastic where as my more stylish flip-flops have a bit of bling making me feel like New Jersey housewife light.  (Next time I plan on flipping a massage table at someone.)

So I went into the massage room with my fluffy robe and sparkly flip-flops and enjoyed 50 minutes of pure relaxation and pain.  Painful in a good way.  I left the room feeling quite zen.

“Can I start you a shower?” asked the therapist.

Showers are better when someone starts them for you.  I suggest recruiting your spouse our children and trying it at home.  I took my shower and used every free Aveda product I could find.  I got dressed feeling all relaxed.  Until I realized I had no shoes.

Yes, being the zen-master that I am I left my shoes under the massage table in the room.  I poked my head into the hallway only to discover that my massage therapist had started with another client.

Another member of the staff came in to ask if I needed anything.
“Yes, I need my shoes.”  I explained what happened and she went off to see what she could do.  She came back shortly afterward and said, “She already started with another client so I put a note under her door that said Urgent,” and then she handed me a pair of foam pedicure sandals.

I waited for a few minutes and then realized I couldn’t hang out in the locker room forever.  Not without creeping people out anyway.  Pretty sure my explanation of "No really, I'm not a weirdo...I just don't have any shoes" wouldn't make anyone feel more comfortable.   I went to pay and the manager told me, “We put another note under the door, but the massage she just started is an 80 minute massage. We can call you.”

So now I had two thoughts.  First-80 minute massage?!  Yes, please and do you have one that involves a nap afterwards?  Second-I am really going to leave here without shoes.

The manager told me, “This is a first for us.”  Glad I could be a trendsetter.  A shoeless trendsetter.


  1. My big deep thoughts: a) how did you WAIT THIS LONG to use that gift certificate? and b) why couldn't someone quickly and swiftly just open the door to grab your shoes before massage client even noticed? Erm. Sounds like you had a lovely time, though...

    1. I know, it's shameful that I waited... just shameful. As far as the shoe thing-I have not idea! I had the same thought but I guess they are serious about their client's relaxation. Not so concerned with their clients leaving shoeless.