Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jamaica in Pictures

Eric and I got back from Jamaica this Friday, so I thought I'd share some pics from the trip.

Seen on the way to the hotel.  Welcome to Jamaica, mon where Bob Marley is always with you.

Going into the bathroom in our hotel room.  If it neither opens nor closes, I'm not sure this meets the definition of a door.  I believe the phrase you are looking for is 'This is a wall.'

I'm going to venture a bet that Dongles and Ding Dong don't read the daily paper. Perhaps they would have more luck printing this on a Doritos bag.  Incidentally, Jamaican news is the best news in the world.  I watched a news report one evening about their Minister of Agriculture speaking at a town hall meeting which included a clip of said Minister grinding on one of his female constituents on stage.  CNN, MSNBC...I'm sorry but you just can't compete.

I'm not going to say to the food was bad, but that is American cheese on sushi. Personally, I held out for the franks and beans sushi.

And those three leaves of lettuce were what was loosely refered to as a "salad." Yeah, ok...the food was bad. 

But this was the view from our hotel room...

 And this was the view from our spot on the beach.

And really, life is always good when you have a good alcoholic fruity drink.

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