Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Story Time with Cold Dead Swans

It's story time again!  Today we're going to read the most depressing children's story ever.  What's depression?  It's that feeling that life is not worth living, but don't worry. You'll soon understand by the end of this book.
It's time to migrate swans!

Oh no, that little swan can't go!  I'm so excited to hear what happens next!  Perhaps her swan family will show us the power of team work and help her!  Perhaps she will dig deep and find the strength to fly in the face of adversity!

Or perhaps her family will leave her alone in the cold.

Oh yay, they came back!  See children? That's the power of love, the power of family!

Wait...what's that little swan?  Little swam is ill?  No, don't worry children.  The swan will be ok.  It's not like characters die in children's books.

Ok.  I guess sometimes characters die in children's book.  But I'm sure the swam will come back.  Just wait...

Anytime now....

Anytime now....

The end.  Wait...what? Alrighty then.  Well...kids...there is a a moral to the story here.  The moral of this story is that in the end your family will leave you to die a sad and lonely death.  Good night, sleep...ah fuck it.  What's the point?

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