Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Goat, A Head, and a Fence

This was Kenzie at last year’s pumpkin patch.  This year she stayed true to character.  This year her antics involved a goat, a fence, and her head.

When we arrived at the pumpkin patch, Kenzie ran and jumped on every pumpkin she saw much like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch although I don’t think she has strong feelings about Katie Holmes one way or the other.  Then when she tired of that game, she darted off to the horses determined to ride one right then and there. We were finally able to coral her for a moment to go feed the goats.

This was looking like a nice calm activity and a nice break from the whirlwind of boundless energy that is Kenzie.  Up until the point that she tried to feed her head to a goat.  Alright, I’m not sure what her motives were but I do know that in the few seconds I turned to check on Hudson, Kenzie was screaming and her head was stuck in a fence.  I tried to pull her out to no avail.  I dropped my purse and camera so I could get a better grip.  Around this time a good Samaritan came running over to offer his assistance.  It happened so fast I’m not sure if he pulled her out or if she freed herself, but there she was screaming.  And in her little fist was the handful of feed that she managed to hang on to during this whole ordeal.  I always knew she was tough.  Now I can say she is keep feed from a hungry goat while having her head stuck in a fence tough.

She stood sobbing in my arms while a crowd looked on.   Most likely they were judging the mother who allows her child to become stuck in a fence.  I imagine she saw the crowd and my sympathy and she saw her chance.  I mentioned that she’s tough.  She’s also conniving.

“I wanna ride the horseys!” she wailed through her tears.

Oh, she’s good.  Real good.

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