Sunday, October 20, 2013

Droppin' Some More Beats

Last year I came out with my debut album.  Today I’m unveiling my sophomore album “The Sounds of Dinner”.

Track 1:  I’m hungry

Track 2:  How many bites (do I have to eat)?

Track 3:  I thought you were hungry.

Track 4:  How many bites? (remix)

Track 5:  Get your ear out of your drink.

Track 6:  That one too.

Track 7:  Eat your dinner.

Track 8:  Is tomorrow night after the morning after this night?

Track 9: Musical interlude featuring the sound of my brain melting trying to come up with a response to track 7.

Track 10:  Eat your dinner (remix)

Track 11:  Don’t eat tortillas off of the floor

Track 12:  Eat your &*&%$# dinner, &*#@$! (uncensored)

Track 13:  How many bites? (dance version)

Track 14:  Crying.  Crying and the sound of a fork scraping uneaten food into the garbage disposal.

Track 15: I'm hungry (remix)

If you're lucky I may throw in a bonus uncensored track from the follow-up album “Trying to Leave the House in Time” called “Put your f#$%$%* shoes on!”

1 comment:

  1. You have no idea how much I love this. It makes me feel so vindicated. Just wait until your Homework album drops in a few years. The fans are going to love that $h!t