Monday, October 14, 2013

One Letter Can Make All the Difference

Phonics can be trouble.  There was the time that I said, “Shit!” while driving when Hudson was about 2-years old and missed a turn.  He then repeated it over and over again.  “Shit, shit, shit, shit….”  I think he was just sounding out his ‘sh’ and ‘it’ sounds.   There was also the time he was working on his ‘f’ and ‘uck’ sounds after his daddy dropped an f-bomb while working in the garage together.

“Don’t say that buddy.  That’s not a nice word.  I shouldn’t have said it either.”
“Yes.  Stop saying it.”
“But I just said fuck.”

He’s always been an early achiever and if it wasn’t for his love of phonics he never would have repeated such profanity.

Ok, that’s complete bullshit.

This other incident wasn’t my fault though and he truly is into phonics these days. Enough so that I’ve actually said the phrase “Stop with the phonics and put your shoes on” when he was standing on the stairs one morning before school sounding out the letters in the word ‘toolbox’.

He’s been learning sight words at school.  They call them popcorn words and they are short words that they are learning to recognize on sight.  One of the proudest moments for a bibliophile like me was when we were reading a book together and he stopped me to say, “I want to work on my popcorn words now so I can learn to read.”

What happened next would make his father proud.

We had went through his popcorn words and were back to reading.  This time he would read the ones he recognized.  I pointed to the word ‘it’ and he paused.

“Sound it out if you don’t know.”

So close.  One letter makes all the difference.

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