Monday, October 7, 2013

So This Happened

There are a lot of reasons for why I have been late getting my kids dinner or late getting them to bed. Real Housewives of New Jersey isn't just going to watch itself, people. However, yesterday was the first time it was due to the fact that I had to cut a train out my daughter's hair.

We were driving to Southern Agriculture for some dog food before running to Target for some groceries.  My dog has to have the fancy pants dog food because he will vomit anything else. Apparently he's too good for Purina.

Before we left the house, Hudson had given Kenzie one of his Thomas trains.  He loves his trains so this was a big deal.  Prior to this I would have thought him more apt to give up a kidney before one of his trains.  I made sure to tell him how kind he was and Kenzie was thrilled.

They both took their trains in the car and had them turned on while we driving to Southern Ag.

“AHHHH!  Mommy, I need help!”
“Kenzie, I’m driving.  What?”
“She has the train stuck in her hair,” said Hudson.  I think I heard a snicker.

I turned around at a red light and sure enough there was a toy train entangled in a mass of hair on the right side of her head.  There are a lot of things I can get done at a red light- toy retrieval, handing out of tissues, yelling at a child before they wipe a booger on the seat-but I could tell that this wasn’t one of them.

I pulled into a bank parking lot and got to work.  Right after I got my phone to take a picture, except that my storage was full thanks to the fact that I had taken some videos recently and I never delete pictures.  I tried to delete a picture while Kenzie was happily posing and giving me her best “Cheeeeeese!”  Still no luck so I turned around in my seat to delete a few more.

“Mom, what are we doing?” whined Hudson.
“I’m just checking on something.”  Yes, that’s right.  I went with the I was just Googling how to remove trains from hair guise.  I admit this wasn’t the proudest of my parenting moments but you just don’t pass up pictures like that.

I finally realized my phone was not going to cooperate so I got out and went to work on her hair.  I pulled out small pieces, bit by bit.  After several minutes, I got it down to one quarter inch chunk that would not budge.  I tried unwinding it.  I tried pulling out even smaller pieces.   I tried to give it one good yank which didn’t go over well with Kenzie.  Although she no longer seemed to upset by the train in her hair, I didn’t think I could take her to two stores this way.  I was only a mile from home so we turned around so I could get scissors.

We pulled in the driveway and I ran inside to get scissors out of the kitchen drawer.  Thankfully it was small enough that I don’t think the chunk of missing hair is too noticeable.  But of course, I didn’t do any of the cutting before getting the camera and taking a picture…

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