Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Teaching Moment Gone Wrong

Hudson is a sensitive soul.  He gets it from me.  It’s what makes him kind and compassionate.  He gets that from me too.  I’m pretty awesome like that. Compassionately awesome of course.  Both of us would give you the shirts off our backs.  Then we would wonder why you were laughing at us.  It would probably have something to do with us not wearing a shirt or maybe you thought our shirt was funny looking, but what kind of asshole are you?  We just gave you the shirt off our back and you’re laughing!  Alright, so we have a tendency to over-analyze everything.  It’s the dark side of that sensitive trait and it can suck the confidence right out of you.  Hudson, just like I did at his age, tends to think that people are constantly laughing at him or making fun of him even if they’re not.

I’ve been trying my hardest to talk through things with him when this happens and give him some perspective.  The perfect teaching moment came during bath time the other night.  Hudson and Kenzie had been playing together pretty well in the tub when Kenzie started laughing.

“Momma, Kenzie’s laughing at me!” he said crying.  Kenzie laughs at things all the time for no apparent reason.  I thought he was probably jumping to conclusions.  I wanted to break him of that habit.

“Hudson, how do you know that she’s laughing at you?  Did you ask her?”
“So how do you know? Kenzie, what are you laughing at?”

Well, shit.  I’m sure another teaching moment will come again soon.

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